We put Superman's MUSTACHE back into Justice League

Birt 28 apr 2021
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Unsatisfied by the controversial CGi coverup of Superman's Mustache in "The Justice League," the VFX Crew decides to use cutting-edge technology to restore Henry Cavill's mouth mop to it's true glory. If they succeed, it may just start a global movement to #releasethemustachecut
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  • #releasethemustachecut

  • Superman + mustache = Omni Man

  • 100% they tried the Hitler's one

  • Omni man

  • Damn i laughed so hard on 13:47 legendary

  • Omniman, nice :)

  • Ya turned Superman into Omniman

  • 12:12 When Peter's 300 samples looks leaps better than my 512 samples *aaaaaaaaaaaaa.*

  • react to love death robots!!!


  • Imagine not trying a Hitler moustache aswell

    • ismem.info/for/v-deo/1XjIoaR6l66cmY4.html

  • Guardians of the globe Snyder cut

  • Again, I get these are merely jokes, but saying WB messed with Joss Whedon's vision of _Justice League_ is wrong on SO many levels and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Best moustache on TV or film? Admiral Adama. End of.

  • Basically Omni man

  • Henry Caveel, just like Mark Hameel

  • Laptop 3080 is slower than desktop 3070 smh

  • Felt like this was a long advertisement for Razer

  • Now make his sideburns white

  • #releasethemustachecut

  • please react to jalexrosa videos !!! they are awsome

  • You should review Podel. He has a bunch of videos like this one: ismem.info/for/v-deo/14m4q3qbqrOup5I.html

  • Another reason why you do not deserve to call anyone else's work janky.


  • Batman needs his turn 😂 How about every time Batman/Dark Knight vanishes mid conversation, add in a clip of him awkwardly sprinting/climbing away?

  • what app do you use for deep fake?

  • razer suck

  • Omni-man who?

  • Superman with a Mustash just sounds Dope😂

  • Literally the best move for the Justice League.

  • Omni-Man likes it :)

  • SuperAmigo

  • They made Superman into Omni man

  • your goTea is A okay but im a big fan of mushroomstache

  • you should release version of this movie but with hes mustache

  • Hi

  • Omni Man?

  • I like superhuan


  • omni-man.

  • Everyone be mentioning Superman = OmniMan But they be forgetting that voice-actor JK Simmons is Commissioner Gordon in this movie!

  • I don't understand why Superman can't have a mustache, other than continuity.

  • Спасибо большое за видео, комментарий для продвижения вашего ролика

  • 2 steps away from Omni man

  • He looks like Omni Man 😂

  • the Snapchat filter removing mustache has done a better job than WB in JUSTICE LEAGUE 2016

  • We live in a society where joss destroys legendary movies


  • so... omni man

  • Just digitally add a mustache that was there to begin with but was digitally removed

  • Omni Man

  • He said it was in Batman

  • It’s actually in Spider-Man with great power comes great responsibility

  • Now add his mullet!

  • I was waiting for them to give him Mario's Mustache

  • Should have used mark Beltrans mustache one of the mma referees. The thing is literally to his waist

  • I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later.

  • Next: Removing the CGI mustache.

  • I mean am getting Omni-Man Vibes...

  • Omniman!!

  • Bro why does he look like omni man from Invincible!?

  • Mustache makes everyone stronger.

  • Oh hey, it's Omni-Man

  • That just really cheered me up!

  • I’m actually thinking about shaving my beard and leaving my mustache now, just like I did for Movember last year👨🏻😂

  • I had no idea that I needed to see Superman with a mustache.

  • Henry Cavill makes a convincing Omni-Man

  • was expecting a Hitler mustache 08:21

  • "Filmmaker"😂👏👏👏

  • Becomes Omni man

  • I smile like that 💀💀 it’s because of my mouth’s structure tho, I wish I was kidding

  • I'm starting to see Superman as Omni-man, which is not a good sign at all...

  • Is this a repost? I could swear I've seen this video before

  • And now Superman is a Viltrumite🤣

  • #ReleaseTheMustacheCut​

  • Omiman copied superman’s powers so superman copied his moustache

  • I hate deep fakes. It still has a long way to go.

  • A hash tag isn't going to do a single thing. What if Henry doesn't want people to see it? I

  • Let's be honest we can all see he looks like Omni man from Invincible


  • do a vfx artist react to rango (2011) . that movie has amazing visuals and I want to see you guys break it down!

  • Omni man looking acceptable.

  • The moustache cut deserves to be seen by the world That trailer was so good

  • Don't know if you guys are willing to go that political. Let's do a deepfake episode that Tucker Carlson reports actually news :)

  • I hate it so much, it's beautiful

  • Finally

  • Omniman origin

  • Watching this after Invincible came out really changes how this whole thing feels.

  • Omni man

  • When Superman visit French

  • Had to find out what song that was. Pulled this up on my laptop, Shazam with the phone, and: I'd Only Let You Down by Roy Williams (presumably not the ex-Cowboys strong safety or ex-UNC head coach, but you never know)

  • congrats guys, Superman is Omniman now

  • Hey can i get the laptop . I m doing ISmem and my pc has intel integrated graphics.. im sad .. it has just 4 gigs of ram .. im still sad.

  • It’s just omniman

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You guys bring a lot of joy to my life. Hilarious stuff! Thank you!


  • The Omni man cut

  • Are they memeing on this name. Bcs I really can’t tell

  • Omni man ?